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  • Books About Henry Iv, King Of France, 1553-1610 Fiction Sorted By Reputation

    When armistice was lastly declared on 11 November 1918, crowds thronged Downing Street chanting ‘LG’. Lloyd George created an appearance at 1 of the very first floor windows to acknowledge them. Asquith remained leader of the coalition until his resignation on 5 December 1916. Just after Andrew Bonar Law refused to kind a government, David […]

  • The Unfortunate House Of Stuart

    There was growing concern more than the succession given that Charles II had no genuine children. Heir to the throne was Charles’s brother, James who had converted to Catholicism. In a bid to persuade people that the royal household have been not Catholic, Charles insisted that James’s daughter Mary be married to her Protestant cousin, […]

  • Macbeth

    This production contains fog, haze, flashing/moving lights, and loud music. Repertory theatre is when one cast performs two diverse shows in a rotating schedule. For instance, Macbeth will be playing on September 15 & 19, when La Dispute will be playing on September 17 & 18. Understand a lot more about renting any of our […]

  • How Did The German Residence Of Hanover Develop Into The British Royal Loved Ones?

    Apart from the bursting of the South Sea bubble, a speculative economic crisis, in 1720, the economy expanded, with the improvement of a national market and the expansion of overseas trade. Foreign entanglements could not be totally avoided, and Walpole’s fall from energy was largely owing to war with Spain, though the Jacobite invasion of […]

  • The Project Gutenberg Ebook Of His Most Gracious Majesty King Edward Vii, By Mrs Belloc-lowndes

    Her brother-in-law, the Prince of Wales, had also travelled to Saint Petersburg for the ceremony pregnancy had prevented the Princess of Wales from attending. Nicholas’ parents struggled to “pull Princess Dagmar away from the corpse and carry her out.” She was so heartbroken when she returned to her homeland that her relatives have been seriously […]